Robert Walsh

Freelance writer from Cornwall

Older Articles, 2006 magazine (entitled ‘Raindrops’), short story ‘The Last Mile.’

Spinetinglers Website, December 2006 Competition Winner, short story, ‘The Last Mile.’

Festival Eye, 2007, article, ‘Your First Festival..?’

Crime Magazine, June 2008, ‘Doing The Half Moon Hop.’

Spinetinglers Anthology 2008, short story, ‘The Last Mile’ and , 2008, short stories, ‘The Last Mile’, ‘The Noble Art’, ‘Lights, Camera,Action.’, July 2008, short story, ‘The Noble Art.’

Crime Magazine, October 2008, ‘Master Hangmen.’

Crime Magazine, May 2010, ‘Dartmoor: The Prison That Broke The Body And Then The Soul.

Firstwriter Magazine, Issue 18, 2010, ‘The Little Green Room.’

Crime Magazine, March 2011, ‘Mata Hari: Superspy Or Pawn?’

Crime Magazine, June 2011, ‘The Lambeth Poisoner.’


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