Robert Walsh

Freelance writer from Cornwall

Richard III: The Murderous Monarch..?

Robert Walsh

Richard III

“Farewell, mine own sweet son. God send you good keeping. Let me kiss you once yet ere you go, for God knows when we shall kiss together again…”

Elizabeth of York to her son Richard, Duke of York, just before he was taken to the infamous Tower of London with his brother. Both Princes then disappeared, widely believed to have been murdered by their uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, afterward crowned Richard III, King of England.

In late 2012 a skeleton was unearthed in the British city of Leicester, not far from the old battlefield of Bosworth Field where the brutal ‘Wars of the Roses’ were finally decided in 1485.  In late January, 2013 mitochondrial DNA testing confirmed the remains as those of King Richard III, the last British monarch to die in battle. Richard, like many experienced soldiers, was undoubtedly a practised killer, but was he also a common…

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