Robert Walsh

Freelance writer from Cornwall

Lies and the Daily Mail ‘journalists’ who write them…

The above screed comes from that well-known cesspit of fact-free, bile-filled, hate-inciting vileness Richard Littlejohn. For those who haven’t been so unfortunate as to encounter his particular brand of hateful hypocrisy, Littlejohn is a well-known scribbler for the Daily Mail. This fine British patriot (who actually lives in Florida), towering example of journalistic accuracy and fact-checking (whose latest bile has been comprehensively debunked by the very person he was seeking to smear in the first place), paragon of fairness (who very, very seldom grants anybody he abuses the right of reply) and  is particularly notable for his constant catchphrase ‘You couldn’t make it up’ (not that a seeming ignorance of and disregard for established facts seems all that difficult for you though, eh Richard?).

Now here’s the reply from Jack Monroe (the subject of his latest screed. She isn’t insulting him, making any personal remarks or nasty suggestions or openly mocking him for the parody of an actual journalist that many people think he actually is. Which makes her point-by-point destruction of his nasty little hatchet job all the more effective:

I’m not entirely sure whether Littlejohn is so narcissistic he’s become the media equivalent of a brattish little child constantly being vile on the basis that, if they’re destined to be hated rather than loved, at least they’ll be noticed. As I can’t confirm that his ‘journalism’ isn’t the product of an ego immensely larger than his literary worth then it would be wrong of me to suggest that this is the case. Neither would it be right to suggest that his personality is as malformed as his ego is inflated, obviously.

I can’t confirm that his ‘journalism’ (such as it is) is the product of a seething contempt for anybody not conforming to whatever mode of life he thinks is the only right way and should thus be imposed on everybody, regardless of personal circumstances or freedom of choice. So I definitely, absolutely couldn’t say that he possibly harbours fascist tendencies.

And it would be unnecessarily spiteful to suggest that he’s the media equivalent of ‘Spinal Tap’, either.

Oh and, by the way, Richard, you constantly harp on about ‘Broken Britain’ and how the place is going to Hell on a handcart wheeled by immigrants/benefit claimants/gay people/whoever you’ve decided is a lower form of life this week. This would suggest that you harbour a deep, lasting and passionate concern for the fortunes of Britain and the British and thus care deeply enough to bravely point the finger of blame at those who, in your opinion, don’t love this great country.

If that’s the case, Dicky, and you care so very, very much, then why do you reside on a different continent entirely, within a gated community in the AMERICAN state of Florida?

Just wondering…


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